Digital Marketing Consulting & Management Services: We leverage the internet to optimize your online exposure and web presence.

Online marketing requires a rare mix of technical expertise, data analysis abilities and marketing skills – a combination you’ll find in abundance at Kika. We are proud to have a team of certified experts who are proficient at delivering increased online exposure, maximum ROI and measurable results.

Core Services of Digital Marketing

From strategy to creation, all the way through launch and beyond,
we craft digital marketing solutions that deliver real results. See our work process

KIKA | Digital Marketing

Reach the top and leave your competitors in the dust. We optimize your website organically by using the latest SEO techniques to achieve high ranking results on Google.

KIKA | Digital Marketing

Get immediate visibility and drive qualified traffic to your website. We put your brand right in front of your audience by crafting powerful and cost-effective online ads.

KIKA | Digital Marketing

Use social media to interact with your community. We create engaging content that appeals to your audience and encourages them to share it with their own social networks.

KIKA | Digital Marketing

Promote your brand to the world by sharing engaging content. We craft and distribute your content on popular sites and actively promote them on relevant blogs, social media platforms and other online communities.

KIKA | Digital Marketing

Generate leads and promote your messages directly to your audience. We build visually pleasing email marketing campaigns that strengthen the customer experience and nurture brand loyalty.

Entrust your digital marketing campaigns to certified experts

Proven Solutions

Our digital marketing efforts are enhanced by robust tools and proprietary systems. See all our features

Advanced Analytics

Your Google Analytics is configured beyond its basic setup so we can collect
more advanced data that’s specific to your business. By tracking your data more
accurately, we can extract meaningful insights on ways to drive more traffic,
improve user experience, and optimize your online marketing campaigns.


  • Create multiple views
  • Create events (e.g. account creation)
  • Define goals (e.g. demo request)
  • Implement ecommerce tracking
  • Set up content groups
  • Clean up parameters
  • Create custom alerts
  • Filter office IP

KIKA | Digital Marketing

Website Health Audit

We use one of the best site audit tools to fully scan and assess the ongoing
health of your website. It runs diagnostics on your website in real-time to detect
any issues, including broken links, coding errors and duplicate content. By using
this powerful web crawler, we can quickly identify and fix affected areas before
they cause any trouble with SERPs and user experience.


  • Track on-site and technical SEO issues
  • Detect hreflang mistakes
  • Find AMP implementation issues
  • Run security and HTTPS checks

KIKA | Digital Marketing

Marketing Management

We use the most powerful all-in-one web management and business intelligence
platform to manage your digital marketing campaigns. It monitors your online
visibility in real-time and provides key metrics and measurements to help us
audit our campaign efforts and measure its performance.


  • Keyword Research
  • Audience Insights
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Rank Tracking
  • Link Building
  • Social Media Management
  • Content Creation + Distribution
  • Content Optimization

KIKA | Digital Marketing

Real-Time Performance Dashboard

Our custom-built dashboard displays data-driven insights in real-time so you can
track how well your campaign is performing at any time of the day.


  • Analytics Data: Get detailed stats on campaign performance and website traffic.
  • Funnel Analysis: Visualize your entire sales funnel and conversion rates.
  • Audience Insights: Identify your customer and how they interact with your site.
  • Advanced Filters: Customize your data to access specific insights.
  • Multiple Integrations: Get stats from Google solutions and other popular platforms.
  • Call Tracking: Keep track of inbound calls led by campaign efforts.
  • Download Reports: Generate PDF reports for any date range selected.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Access your dashboard from any device.
KIKA | Digital Marketing

Status Reports

Our status reports provide timely updates on the progress and results of your
fully-managed strategic and digital marketing campaigns; outlining key data and
metrics, our achievements as well as suggestions for improving performance.

KIKA | Digital Marketing
KIKA | Digital Marketing
KIKA | Digital Marketing
KIKA | Digital Marketing
KIKA | Digital Marketing

These numbers may sound unrealistic,
but they’re real results from real clients.

Our Digital Marketing services don’t just drive traffic, they turn website visitors into paying customers; maximizing your ROI and delivering an experience like no other.

Focusing on the metric that matters most: conversions.

While Kika works to increase the number of visitors to your website, our main focus is to drive up your conversions. After all, even if you get a million visitors to your site, they’re not worth much if they don’t convert into customers. Our team of certified experts sit down with you to carefully analyze your business, to determine an ideal marketing mixture that is assured to help you thrive online.

A clearly defined plan with measurable results.

Online marketing can deliver one of the best return on investments, but it still needs careful consideration to ensure your budget is allocated optimally. Our team of certified experts sits down with you and carefully analyzes your business to determine an ideal marketing mix that is assured to help you thrive online. It is an integrated approach that aligns your online marketing with your other marketing programs for maximum ROI.

Digital marketing solutions tailored to your specific needs.

As a reputable full-service marketing agency, we know that your company is unique. We want you to embrace what makes you different, and what makes you stand out from the crowd. That’s why we offer custom online marketing solutions that fit your unique business needs. Wherever you are with your online marketing efforts, we can create a package just for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions? Check out our Support Centre.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing a website’s organic ranking in major search engines for a given list of relevant keyword phrases. This is accomplished by a combination of on-site optimization and off-site optimization techniques, including identifying the keyword phrases that are most beneficial to the website; optimizing the website’s meta-tags and page content; and removing barriers to search engine crawlers.

Whether you are building a new site or improving an old one, SEO plays a major role in optimizing your brand’s digital strategy and footprint. By boosting your search engine ranking, you’ll start to see an increase in the quality and quantity of traffic to your site.

You can expect to see results for some keywords starting 4-6 weeks after the final submission. Rankings usually stabilize after about two months. However, SEO is a long-term investment — your traffic rises continuously since more and more search engines index more and more optimized pages of your website. Full results will not be realized until 3-9 months depending on several factors including how strong the competition is in the online market and how new your website is.

It is not possible to guarantee you a particular ranking on any search engine. Google and most other search engines clearly state this on their website.

However, we give your website the best chance to achieve top 10 ranking by performing various on-page and off-page techniques to optimize your website organically. You will also need to invest in a suitable link building program for your website before you see visible improvements in rankings.

Technical SEO is meta information like page titles, meta-descriptions and tags. Technical content has an equal part in affecting our clients’ SEO rankings as blog posts or articles, so we want to maintain this just as we would any other content.

We enhance the website HTML coding, fixing the website search engine incompatibilities and errors, applying right meta tags, adjusting keywords density and positioning, internal link structure, improve website navigation structure and URLs.